Frequently Asked Questions

Students have 3 options. They can enroll on-line, print registration form, or call/come to our office at 920-734-7330.

Click here for registration information.

Program consists of 6 2-hour sessions, one hour driving, one hour observation. We also offer additional programs:

  • (7+4) 7 hours driving 4 hrs obs.
  • (8+2) 8 hours driving 2 hrs obs.
  • (9+0) 9 hours driving 0 hrs obs.

A non-refundable deposit of $145.00.

A student can only miss two class sessions (company policy) but is required by state law to do a substantial written assignment or make up in a same corresponding class.

We strongly recommend a student enroll one month before they turn 15½. However due to the number of students involved in various programs, you can enroll in a class that starts sooner. (Student must be age 14½ by the first day of class).

We offer early morning appointments (great for students involved in sports or after school activities). After school 3:00-8:00pm Mon-Fri. Occasional Saturday morning appointments. (No Sunday appointments).

That varies according to the student. We recommend students keep all their scheduled behind the wheel lessons. The more a student changes their appointments, the longer it takes to complete the program.

The student must call the office, during office hours, at least 24 hours in advance. Office hours: (9am-5pm Sept.-May) or (8am-4pm June-Aug). Weekend and Monday appointments must be cancelled by Friday of that week, before the office closes. A charge of $45 will be made for each appointment, which was not cancelled 24-hours in advance!

We pick up at home or at school. We do not pick up students at their place of employment. Click here for boundaries of the Fox Cities.

The student needs to call at least 2 weeks before the class begins to change to another class, provided there are still seats available (If under 2 weeks: student will lose deposit).

Temps are good for one year. Teens must have temps for 6 months before taking the road test.

Our school is licensed to administer the temps test at all our class locations. For in person classroom students only. Online classroom students take the Temps. test at the DMV.